Tuesday, 17 December 2013

New sequential page

This week, I worked on inking my second page from Injustice, pencilled by David Yardin, and I also coloured a Tomb Raider image by Eric Basaldua and inked by DevGear.

Since DevGear's usage policy does;t allow me to post the actual image to my blog, a link will have to suffice. I am very happy with how the final version of this turned out, so make sure you go check it out here.

Check out my sequentials from pencilled by David Yardin below!

Pencils David Yardin, Inks Matt James

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland and More.

This weekend I got to spend a fair bit of time working - while I have a couple of pieces I am holding back until I finish them, I have a few pieces I finished below. The best part about this weeks work is I got to work with some pencils from two of my favorite artists - J Scott Campbell and Robert Atkins, I can't say enough how honored I am that I was allowed to work with their lines (Robert Atkins was unbelievably cool about letting color his work)

Anyways, I hope you dig this weeks offerings, and as always, don'f gorget to check out my Facebook and DevinatArt profiles!

Pencils Tommy Wagner, Inks Matt James
Pencils Robert Atkins, Colours Matt James

Pencils J Scott Campbell, Inks and Flats Jeremiah Skipper, Colours Matt James
Pencils Chris Michaels, Inks and Colours Matt James 

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Monday, 2 December 2013

My Work From This Week!

So, I have a couple of pieces I worked on this week. First off, an awesome Death Dealer image from Nat Jones and Richard Bonk - with Flats by Hector Rubilar. This was my first attempt working with someone else's flats, and while I don't think it particularly saved me much time with my final image, I am definitely not opposed to trying it again (in fact I have already grabbed a few flatted images from DevinatArt for me to work with.)

Next up, I inked and coloured a pic of Cyclops from the X-Men, which was pencilled by Komus. It was pointed out to me by Sean Ellery, an artist I respect greatly, that the pencils had a very David Finch feel about them - and I really do not see that as a bad thing.

Anyways, check out this weeks work, and let me know what you think.

Don't forget I also maintain a Facebook page and DevaintArt profile (both of which receive more frequent updates than the once a week I am currently doing on this blog!)

Pencils by Nat Jones, Inks by Richard Bonk, Flats by Hector Rubilar, Colours by Matt James

Pencils by Komus, Inks and Colours by Matt James
Pencils by Komus, Inks by Matt James
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