Friday, 27 September 2013


I have been working on my skills as a colorist for a while now - it was not something I really picked up in my studies, but more something I started doing self taught after I had finished my studies. Obviously learning color theory at uni helped with the process, but for the most part, I am self taught with my techniques.

My preferred coloring method is photoshop. Mainly because it is forgiving with mistakes - making it easy to go back and clean up after the fact, and it allows me to do some pretty cool special effects. Below, I have two examples of recent work I have done using photoshop that i do not believe I could have achieved with more traditional methods.

The first is Wolverine and the Hulk, the reflection of the hulk and the line drops form Wolverine's drool would have been very difficult, if not impossible to achieve without photoshop (or similar). The other is the Avengers, wight e glows for Thor's lightning and Iron Man's energy glows.

As always I can contacted by my Facebook or DeviantArt pages, and I am available for commissions and requests!
Pencils by David Finch, Inks by jorgecopo, Colours by Matt James
Wolervine and the Hulk are trademarks of Marvel Comics.

Pencils by sjsegovia, Inks by JK5 , Colours by Matt James
The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are all trademarks of Marvel Comics.
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