Saturday, 28 September 2013


Inking is something I am pretty new at - at least new at as so far as actually thinking about it and attempting to do it with any sort competency. I have been guilty of in the past of more or less just tracing my pencils and not considering anything like line weight, or black space etc. I have now started trying to focus a little more on inking and trying to make my images look more complete and professional. I have been inking using my Wacom Tablet and Photoshop, and so far I am fairly happy with my progress and results.

Below I have Batgirl, this took me around 3 hours to ink, so I am trying to get faster and cleaner with my work, but I am seeing definite progress from where I was.

Pencils by Randy Kintz, Inks by Matt James
Batgirl is a trademark of DC Comics

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