Friday, 11 October 2013

Blog of the Week: JK5-Inks

Blog of the week is a regular Friday post in which I spotlight a blog or profile I have been reading during the week. These may be professional or amateur artists, but they will always be artists whose work I truly admire.

This weeks "Blog of the Week" is going to be about an inker who I have worked on some colours for recently. The primary inker at JK5 is Jeff Graham, and his partner Kellie doing his black fills for him. I met Jeff via DeviantArt when I stumbled upon his outstanding inks while looking for some quality images to colour. To date I have coloured two of Jeff's inks, but I have plans to do more int he very near future!

Check out Jeff's work below and you can catch a lot more of it at DeviantArt and on Facebook.

Pencils by Mike DeBaflo, Inks by JK5-Inks, Colours by Matt James

Pencils by SJSegovia, Inks JK5-Inks, Colours Matt James

 Pencils by Keu Cha, Inks JK5-Inks                                   Pencils Marico Abreu, Inks JK5-Inks
Pencils by Ken Lashley, Inks by JK5-Inks

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