Sunday, 6 October 2013

What have I been working on this week??

So each week, I will post a few samples of the stuff I have been working on for you all to see, I will try talk a little about what has been going on with my art and new techniques I am trying etc.

So this week has been fairly busy, but I have still knocked out a few pieces of art.

First up is colours on the Batgirl Inks I posted last week (here) This was a lot of fun to work on, I was really trying to set a sort of eerie mood with the moon behind her. I really wanted to get some nice lighting effects. Tell me what you think! (for some reason the background gradients do not show up a nicely on this page as they do on my Facebook or DeviantArt - not sure why??)

Pencils by Rantz, Inks and Colour by Matt James

Next up, I did some inks on an awesome Harley Quinn, pencilled by Randy Green. I have been really getting into and enjoying inking recently, and I am really working at improving. I do all of my inking digitally using my trust MacBook pro (soon to be upgraded...) and my Wacom Intuos 4. Check it out and comment any tips or tricks to improve, I would love to hear suggestions.

Pencils by Randy Green, Inks by Matt James

Next up, I have some pencils I have down for a Halo image I am working. A friend of mine asked me to do a picture of Master Chief for him, and since my son is also Halo mad, I figured I might be able to finish it off and turn it into a print for his wall too. To be honest I have no clue about Halo, so with the help of google and my five year old, I gave it a go.

At the moment, I feel pencilling is probably the area I am in need of the most practice, so I will be working hard on it over the coming weeks. Make sure you check out how I am going.

Pencils by Matt James

Make sure you check in with the blog regularly to see what else is happening, and to see my thoughts on other artists, and get links unknown artists I think are awesome!

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