Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Influence Spotlight: Andrew Wildman

This will be a regular feature on my page where I will talk about influences on my techniques and styles. Hopefully I can introduce you to new artists, or give you a different way to look at artists you already know.

Instead of doing an artist who I directly draw influence from, today I am going to talk about one of the artists who got me hooked on comics in the first place - and that would be Andrew Wildman. The very first comics I ever bought where an issue of DC's Unknown Soldier and Marvel's G.I. Joe in the early 1990's - and G.I. Joe became the first series I would "collect" - this was largely because Wildman's art drew me in immediately. 

He may not be everybody's big influence for pencilling technique etc, but he was the first comic artist to grab my attention - of course guys like Jim Lee and Joe Mad are bigger influence on my techniques and styles, but Wildman was my gateway drug, so to speak. Although he is probably better known for his work on Transformers - his G.I. Joe stuff has always been the standout in my eyes.

Check out some of Wildman's art below, and follow some of the links to see more info and galleries by the man himself.

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