Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Influence Spotlight: Frank Frazetta

So each week, I will post a few samples of the stuff I have been working on for you all to see, I will try talk a little about what has been going on with my art and new techniques I am trying etc.

Today's influence spotlight will be about Frank Frazetta, while not really a comic book artist as such, he has had a massive impact on many, many comic artists as well as fantasy artists. Frank's most famous pieces are probably his images for series like Conan the Barbarian. 

Two of my favourite things about Frazetta's work are his compositions and colour pallet. I love his use of triangle shaped composition to lead the eye and make characters seem larger than life. I love the way his pallet contains a lot of natural earthy colours that give his work a very gritty, almost mean and oppressive feel, it is something that I really try to emulate when doing heavy fantasy type pieces (my Conan colours here are an example). The two elements combined with his awesome handle on human anatomy make for amazing art - in both he comic and fantasy art fields.

Check out the following links for more on Frank Frazetta and some of my favourite images of his below too.

Frank Frazetta Wiki Entry
Frank Frazetta's Home Page

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