Sunday, 20 October 2013

What have I been working on this week??

So each week, I will post a few samples of the stuff I have been working on for you all to see, I will try talk a little about what has been going on with my art and new techniques I am trying etc.

This week I have been working a few requests, and I also started work on a little something for Halloween - so make sure you check  back on the 31st to see what I have done. It will be worth the click!

My main focus this week has been working on my pencilling - and I decided the best way to do this was to offer requests in exchange for people sharing my Facebook page. I was pretty happy with how Sgt Rock and the Hector below turned out. I am hoping to get a few more requests going like this, because I really think doing art work that other request is a great way to push out side of my comfort zones (a good example of that is Hector - who is an OC for a fellow Deviant Art member), I have always had more problems drawing animals than humans, so I approached as a good challenge, and I am pretty happy that I did have a go at it, because I can see some definite improvement over earlier attempts. I am hoping to have coloured versions of these in times for next weeks update.

Anyways, enjoy Sgt Rock and Hector.

(p.s. if you want to make a request of me, like and share my Facebook page and I will gladly get something done for you)

Pencils and Inks by Matt James

Pencils and Inks by Matt James

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